Hydrofarm Grow Chamber

Hydrofarm Grow Chamber

Cut Harvest Time by a Third . . . Without Growing in Soil!

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Here is something we never expected to see for the home gardener at such a reasonable price, and so easy to use! It's a complete home hydroponic growing station! With this you can grow plants without soil in a special chamber that speeds up the development process by 30%! Start seeds, propagate plants, breed new varieties, do research, and have a ball the whole time with this surprisingly low-tech, fun system!

Hydroponics may sound complicated, but the folks who designed this grow chamber have it down to a science! You get a complete seed starter in here -- grow sponges, a vented dome, tongs, plant food, etc. -- plus everything you need to take care of your seedlings and plants: an eyedropper, 2 types of plant food, a misting bottle, and a 54-watt full-spectrum light panel.

Then there is the water tank itself, which holds 2 liters of water and includes an air stone to aerate the water. The whole chamber plugs into any household outlet (100-240 Vac power adaptor included -- these developers have thought of everything!), and uses very little power. (We were surprised to learn this.) You can even stack two Hydrofarm Grow Chambers, which we have a feeling many people will soon be doing, because using this thing is pretty addictive. The whole unit weighs 61 pounds, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

So here's a little bit about how it works: you fill the tank, prepare the seed starter, and plug it in. It runs on a clock (included, of course) that controls the flow of the air stone in the water, as well as the timing of the light. From that point on, it's up to you. Start seeds, propagate plants by tissue culture, breed new varieties, do research -- it's up to you. What we find irresistible about it, aside from the technology itself, is how fast you can bring a crop to harvest. Cutting a third of your growing time means you can grow a lot more!

We're excited to hear what gardeners think about this new hydroponic grow chamber. If you decide to order it, do drop us a line along the way and let us know how it works for you! It's a whole new day in home gardening when things like this are available and so simple to use!