Tulip Ice Age

Tulip Ice Age

A Whorl of Icy White Petals!

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Add a fresh sparkle to the spring garden with the bowl-shaped, wintry white blooms of 'Ice Age', so lush and fully double that they look almost like Peonies! The innumerable petals form a high-centered whorl, creating an elegant look for beds, borders, or containers alike!

True to its frigid reputation, 'Ice Age' is very cold hardy, and actually requires a good amount of cold weather to properly vernalize and come back next spring. This means that in warmer zones it may need to be dug up and refrigerated through the winter for it to come back perennially.

Site these bulbs in a sunny spot with a neutral pH (6-6.5) and excellent drainage. Compacted or heavy clay soils tend to hold standing water, so amend these with grit, compost, or soil conditioner. Plant 'Ice Age' in the fall, about 8 inches deep. Dig the hole deeper so that you can add some grit like crushed gravel. This will help you achieve the drainage that is vital for tulip beds, and will also deter pests like rodents, which love to eat the bulbs. Water the bulbs in after planting, to help them break out of dormancy, but afterwards don't worry about watering;tulips thrive happily in dry conditions! Pack of 10 bulbs. Zones 3 to 8.