Narcissus Ice King

Narcissus 'Ice King'

Massive Double Blooms in a Frothy Confection!

It's a double-flowered Ice Follies! This sport of the popular early-spring standout gives you twice the petals for a huge show on 4½-inch blooms!

One of the first wave of daffodils to arise in spring, 'Ice King' offers a wide perianth of pure white and a large, flattish ruffled cup of bright yellow. As the flowers age, the yellow tones become lighter and creamier, eventually turning pure white. Very showy when a large stand of 'Ice King' is in flower, with all stages of color present at once!

Lightly fragrant and quite long-lasting, these flowers are terrific in the vase as well as the sunny garden. They really stand out from others, both in size and form. So beautiful!

Like all daffodils, 'Ice King' appreciates good soil drainage and full sun. Let the foliage remain after the blooms pass. It will stay green and upright for many weeks, then turn brown and fall over (at which time you can snip it away for the compost bin). Where happy, 'Ice King' will naturalize beautifully over time, creating great drifts of early-spring color. Zones 4-8.