Iceberg Climbing Rose

Iceberg Climbing Rose

A Climbing Form of the Famous Floribunda

Oh, what a long-lived, flower-happy joy this carefree climber is. Iceberg has been a favorite in the landscape for years as a shrub, but this climbing form may be even better. The long, arching canes yield hundreds of lightly fragrant appleblossom-to-white blooms over a long season, and the big, generous habit enables you to blanket a wall, cover an arbor, or create an eye-popping accent in any setting.

The original Iceberg is a Floribunda rose with a compact, shrubby habit, considered by many to be the finest white of all. This climbing version is a sport of Iceberg, introduced in the 1960s and instantly popular with gardeners everywhere.

The semidouble to fully double flowers are 2 inches across, borne very freely on long canes, and often have a whisper-pink center that accentuates the snowy petal tips. The scent is more subdued than that of the floribunda form, but you can still detect the sweet honey, especially if you cut a cluster of blooms for the vase.

Reaching 12 to 15 feet tall and 7 to 9 feet wide, Iceberg is ideal for arbors, walls, fences, outbuildings, and other sturdy structures. Since it blooms on old wood only, it will produce more flowers with age, increasing your pleasure each year (and saving you a lot of time with the pruning shears). We highly recommend this classic favorite.