Illumination® Apricot Begonia (pack of 3)

Illumination® Apricot Begonia (pack of 3)

Bigger, Brighter, and Better!

The bright apricot and golden hues of this vigorous Begonia will liven up your containers and baskets! These semi- to fully-double blooms will cover the glossy green foliage to create an absolutely stunning display! Perfect for hanging baskets and planters, this Begonia is easy-to-grow and will thrive in a multitude of climates.

Illumination Apricot is a trailing plant, very long-blooming and self-cleaning, that wows you over 3 long seasons and then can be moved indoors for winter enjoyment. The absolute best for baskets, window boxes, and tall planters in partial to full shade, it is a beauty no gardener should be without!

This shade-lover is very heat tolerant, blooming nonstop from late spring until the chill of fall. The flowers are fully double, packed with richly colored, thick petals that glow in shades of orange, apricot, peach, and salmon. Stunning!

The foliage is handsome on this annual as well. Dark green and very thick, almost succulent-like, it stands up well to heat, humidity, and even a touch of drought. Illumination Apricot will gow and bloom its best with adequate water and frequent feedings, of course, but if it does get stressed, it can bounce back!

This plant mounds before it trails, so you will watch it form a nice, dense plant that cascades over the sides of the pot. Every inch of the way is filled with blooms, and they self-clean, so you never have to deadhead this beauty. What a pleasure!

When your plants arrive, remove all the packaging material and set them outdoors, in a shaded location protected from strong winds. Give them a long drink of water, and let them rest for a day or two. They are now ready to transplant wherever you want them to grow! Give this trailing begonia a try in baskets and tall planters this season! Pack of 3 plants.