Impressions Bark 90 Gallon Rain Saver Sandstone

Impressions Bark 90 Gallon Rain Saver Sandstone

Saving Rain in Disguise!

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This top-of-the-line product has everything you could want in a rain barrel?a huge capacity (about twice the average!), a stylish appearance, two convenient spigots, a wide planter top, and an ingenious design!

Place this rain saver beneath your downspout and let the water flow through the screen and collect in the 90-gallon barrel. The screen will filter out all plant debris and even keep out insects?no mosquitoes spawning here! After you have collected a good rain or two, use the brass spigots to release your water right where you want it. You can use one spigot to fill a bucket and the other to send water through a hose--or do both at once! And if you collect more water than you can use and the barrel gets full, it has an overflow channel specifically designed to divert the water away from the foundations of your house.

This feature-rich rain barrel is also a planter! The planter top has a deep well where you can plant a floral array or even a small herb or vegetable garden! The wood-textured barrel makes a complementary base and brings those plants up off the ground for easier tending and a more prominent display.

The rain saver is made in the USA from a high-quality polyethylene. This material is FDA approved, BPA-free, and resistant to both weather and impacts, so you know it will hold tough for years to come. It comes with a 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. The polyethylene is molded with an attractive bark-like texture to let it blend seamlessly into the landscape of your yard. Color: Sandstone. Dimensions: 44" High x 29" Wide x 29" Deep. Capacity: 90 Gallons.