Inca Ice™ Alstroemeria

Inca Ice™ Alstroemeria

Wonderful Cut Flowers -- and So Many of Them!

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Incredibly floriferous, this very dense, bushy Peruvian Lily covers itself with blooms in muted shades of apricot, pink, cream, and yellow, all spotted in russet-brown. From a distance, the blooms appear to be peach colored; upon closer inspection, a full palette of pastel hues is on display!

Bushy and well-branched, Inca Ice™ is an ultra-vigorous cultivar, part of the Inca® series of cold-hardy, floriferous Alstroemeria. Expect the plant to reach 2 to 3 feet high and fully 3 feet wide in the sunny garden, thriving even in dry or humid conditions.

Inca Ice™ begins blooming in early summer in most climates and continues nonstop all season. The flowers are held in umbels of up to 20, all beautifully pastel-toned and spotted in russet. Terrific for cutting, they last for many weeks in the garden and about 2 weeks in the vase.

Alstroemeria is the cut-flower lover's best friend, and we are delighted to bring this exceptional cultivar to your garden. Find a sunny, well-drained position and begin enjoying years of magnificent indoor arrangements and outdoor beauty! Zones 5-9.