Alstroemeria Inca Joli™

Alstroemeria Inca Joli™

Endless Blooms for the Vase!

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Cultivar name: 'Koncajoli'. Plant Patent # 22,267.

Boasting rich, warm colors reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest, Inca Joli™ illuminates the garden and vase all summer long! This absolutely stacked shrub stays under 2' tall, but fills in with thick foliage and an endless supply of lovely blooms for the picking! From a distance, the blooms might look like a solid apricot color, but up close you can see the rich interplay of cherry red petals, golden throats, and streaks of russet brown!

Bushy and well-branched, Inca Joli™ is an ultra-vigorous cultivar, part of the Inca® series of cold-hardy, floriferous Alstroemeria. Through years of successive breading, the Inca® series keeps getting more and more compact, packing the same large Lily blooms on a plant that fits well into the patio garden. Inca Joli™ is the latest introduction and the most well-behaved, growing 16 to 20 inches tall in the garden, while in containers it can top out at just 8 inches!

Inca Joli™ takes its time peeking out of the ground in spring, but once it emerges it is off to the races! By early summer it has grown to full size and is bursting into glorious bloom! The flowers arrive nonstop all season long, and arise in umbels of up to 20, all beautifully painted in gold and cherry tones. Terrific for cutting, they last for many weeks in the garden and about 2 weeks in the vase.

Alstroemeria is the cut-flower lover's best friend, and we are delighted to bring this exceptional cultivar to your garden. Find a sunny, well-drained position and begin enjoying years of magnificent indoor arrangements and outdoor beauty! Zones 5-9.