Inspire Hybrid Cantaloupe Seeds

Inspire Hybrid Cantaloupe Seeds

Highly aromatic and so delicious!

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65 days from setting out transplants. Just 1 to 2 pounds each, these delectable mini melons are ultra-flavorful and sweet. Boasting bright, aromatic orange flesh, heavy netting, and slight ribbing, they're just enough for a single serving of ambrosial cantaloupe!

Inspire arises on compact, semi-bush vining plants that conserve garden space. When every inch of the sunny vegetable patch counts, Inspire is the cantaloupe you can squeeze in for big yields!

Sow seeds directly in the garden after the soil is thoroughly warm or, for an even earlier harvest, start them indoors in pots. Set out 18 inches apart with 4 feet between each row, or plant in hills 4 feet apart, with 2 to 3 plants per hill. Cantaloupes are ready to harvest when the stem slips easily from the fruit with slight pressure. Pkt is 25 seeds.