Intrigue Floribunda Rose

Intrigue Floribunda Rose

Unique Color and Terrific Fragrance!

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When we discovered Intrigue, it was growing in a field of more than 300 rose varieties. Yet it drew us again and again, its rich citrus-rose scent offering enticing notes, and its large plummy purple blooms impossible to overlook.

This floribunda won an All-America Rose Selection in 1984, and has continued to become more and more popular as time goes on. The combination of strong fragrance and classic hybrid tea symmetry is unbeatable -- not to mention the unusual royal tones! Add to this the repeat-flowering habit, and you have an amazing rose, ready to delight for months and months every year!

These blooms open from pointed ovoid buds of deep reddish purple, which arise profusely over the bushy, well-branched plant. They open to flowers 3 inches across, with exquisite hybrid tea symmetry and a high petal count. Just about the only difference is that instead of getting a solitary bloom per stem, you'll enjoy 3 to 4 in every cluster!

Intrigue grows into a rounded, dense shrub 4 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide, with dark green foliage that stays fresh from early spring through fall. It makes a nice low hedge along the sun-soaked driveway, and is a good size for a foundation planting, patio accent, and mixed border standout. It flowers best if fed heavily during the growth season. Space plants 3 feet apart for a good, solid line of color. You simply can't go wrong by adding this rose to your landscape this season!