Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea

Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea

Lush Lime to Cream Blooms Against Dark Foliage

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Limetta® is the breath of fresh air your summer garden is aching for! This petite and shapely native produces an abundance of pale greenish to white domed bloom heads from summer to fall. Each lush snowball-like bloom is held aloft by sturdy, flop-proof stems. This means that it excels as a cutflower (both living and dried) so keep you favorite clippers sharp! The lime blooms for which its named look even more stunning against the backdrop of its dark green foliage. Its dwarf habits gives it the flexibility to thrive just about anywhere in the garden and even in containers. Best of all, its beauty is not hard won as maintaining this stellar shrub is a breeze.

A darling landscape booster, this native perennial is quite cold hardy and puts on its floral show right up until frost. Limetta® adapts to just about any soil quality and Spring pruning is recommended. Very adaptable and with reliability that rivals its cousin Annabelle, it's no wonder gardeners everywhere are so smitten with this hydrangea.