Iron Dragonfly Garden Ornament

Iron Dragonfly Garden Ornament

Bobs and Shimmies in Garden Breezes!

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Whether you want to support a twining plant or simply love the good looks of this dragonfly, this is one garden artwork you will treasure for years! Constructed entirely of iron, it weathers beautifully. And a secret spring at the top of the stake makes the dragonfly bob and duck when the wind blows!

The more you look at this dragonfly, the more you appreciate the artistry. The wings are delightfully textured, with stamped metal serving as the pattern for the forewings and durable metal screening as the interior of the rest. The body is curled iron, creating a lovely ribbed pattern. Even the curlicue antennae and the big black bug eyes are lovely!

There is nothing like a piece of unique, handcrafted art to make a garden sing. Unfortunately, many of us can't afford great statuary or other designer accents. But this whimsical dragonfly, durable and affordable, is the perfect touch! It adds height, texture, and movement to any setting. And it will last for countless seasons, no matter what the weather does!

Pick up an extra dragonfly stake while you're in the shopping cart. You must know someone who needs a big smile -- and this ornament is as useful as it is beautiful! Enjoy.