Jade II Bean Seeds

Jade II Bean Seeds

Absolute Tops for Flavor!

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
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(M) 1/4 lb
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(N) 1/2 lb
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(L) 1 lb
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60 days from direct-sowing.

This is simply one of the best-tasting beans we've ever grown in our trials! We conduct informal taste tests all the time here at Park, and in the case of Jade II, the results never vary. It's the hands-down choice of all the snaps! Try it one season in your vegetable patch or Three Sisters planting, and we think you'll be back for more next year!

These upright plants harvest easily, bearing plenty of long, round, straight pods of rich green. The 6- to 7-inch pods are stringless and set seeds slowly, which extends the harvest time nicely. Jade II is resistant to many diseases, including Common Bean Mosaic, Curly Top Virus, and Rust, so it's a great choice for gardeners in all climates and with all levels of experience. But most of all, this snap bean is flavorful beyond all expectation!

Easy and trouble-free, Jade II is widely adapted across the U.S., and is compact in the garden. For best harvest, succession-plant every 3 weeks or so from early spring till late summer (avoiding the worst summer heat in warm areas). Hardier than pole beans, bush snaps can be direct-sown after all danger of frost.

When the harvest is in, be sure to chop up the whole plant and work it back into the soil. Like all legumes, Jade II is a nitrogen fixer, and your soil will be greatly improved next season if you plow this year's beans and peas back into your vegetable patch! Have fun growing and eating this easy, yummy snap! Pkt is 2 ounces (about 100 seeds).

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