Jane Seymour Floribunda Rose

Jane Seymour Floribunda Rose

An Elegant Tribute to Actress and Painter Jane Seymour!

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The perfect rose to honor the beloved award-winning actress, painter, and author Jane Seymour! The aroma is spicy-sweet, the colors soft and compelling, and the garden performance exceptional. We are honored to make this tribute rose available this season!

Rose Jane Seymour is a floribunda, setting its stunning lavender-pink blooms in large clusters during several flushes from late spring to late summer. The first bloom is usually the heaviest, but you will find this hardworking floribunda in flower just about anytime you check during the summer!

The flowers open from pointed buds at the ends of 14- to 16-inch stems. Fully open, they measure about 4 inches across, and combine softest lavender with richest pink in the perfect blend of pastel shades. Each bloom boasts about 20 petals, and lasts well even in summer heat and humidity.

The foliage of Rose Jane Seymour is attractive too, remaining glossy all season. The dark green leaves perfectly complement the gentler petal colors. Well-branched and densely clothed in folaige, this rose reaches 5 feet high and 4 feet wide. Perfect for any setting from the back of the border to a specimen planting in the front garden!

For best growth, site this rose in moist, well-drained soil receiving full sun. Keep it well watered and fed all season, and prune it back in earliest spring, removing dead and crossed canes. Deadhead the flowers promptly for quicker rebloom. Jane Seymour will delight you!