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Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

Glimmers of Silver and Red in the Shade!

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This beautiful multicolored fern may look delicate and tender, but it is actually a super-tough, very dependable hardy perennial! Japanese Painted Fern is among the most highly recommended shade plants, because it is not only lovely from spring through fall each year, but it will actually naturalize over time into great drifts of silvery-gray, maroon-red color!

This fern leafs out late each spring, its fiddleheads unfurling into large, elegant, triangular fronds that point up and out. (The older the plant becomes, the more dramatically it cascades!) Wonderful in indoor arrangements, the foliage adds glints of color to the shade, and makes a fine choice for mass planting in woodland areas as well as accents in the border.

Each frond will be slightly different, but generally the stems are bright red and the foliage is gray overlaid with silvery accents and a wash of maroon color near the center. There is simply no other perennial like it, making Japanese Painted Fern a fine companion planting to hostas, astilbes, solomon's seal, and more.

Eventually reaching about 18 inches high, Japanese Painted Fern spreads a foot wide within the first season or two. Never invasive, it meanders gracefully, especially when given continuously moist, reasonably fertile soil. Rabbits tend to leave it alone, so it looks as good in September as it did in June!

Best in partial shade, Japanese Painted Fern can also withstand deep shade, though its variegation may not be as boldly colored. Find just the right spot for this rugged perennial and begin enjoying many seasons of delicate beauty and robust garden performance!