Jar Flower Holder

Jar Flower Holder

Helps You Create Professional Arrangements at Home!

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Now you can make the most of every flower you cut from the garden! This vintage-style vase includes a "flower frog" that guides the placement of each stem, creating well-balanced, beautiful floral arrangements for all your Zinnias and Cosmos, Roses and Peonies -- not to mention pretty foliage stems, cut-branches, and other garden accents!

Shaped like a wide, fat Mason jar enclosed in a wire frame with durable handles, this glass jar is topped by a screw-on, removable top with a criss-cross of wires. Known as a flower frog, it disappears beneath the blooms and foliage it contains, yet holds everything in place nicely. No more florist's foam or other devices to achieve a beautiful bouquet -- with this simple jar, it's effortless! And each square in the criss-cross pattern can hold several slender stems, so you can create a bouquet from just a few blooms or a big armful!

The design of this vase is classic, so it won't go out of style or clash with the rest of your decor. We love how low it is -- you can display even smaller, shorter stems with ease in the Jar Flower Holder!

The jar itself measures 5 inches high by 4½ inches deep by 5 inches wide. With the flower frog lid on top, it stands 8½ inches high. Pick up a pair or even a trio and begin enjoying all the beauty of your garden up close and personal!