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Actinidia Jenny

Actinidia 'Jenny'

Self-fertile, Easy to Grow, and Delicious!

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The only self-fertile Kiwi on the market today, 'Jenny' is a boon for gardeners who want the look and flavor of this homegrown fruit without sacrificing so much space to multiple vining plants. You can grow just one Jenny and get all the deliciousness and nutrition!

'Jenny' is a hardy kiwi with fuzzy, egg-shaped brown fruit bursting with sweet, tart, juicy green flesh, dotted with crunchy black seeds. It's gourmet-quality fruit, and it arises in huge numbers each year. And that's only one of Jenny's merits!

This fast-growing vine can reach up to 20 feet long and 13 feet wide -- though it may stay smaller -- in full sun and good garden soil. Give it 2 seasons before expecting the first full crop of fruit, but it will begin flowering the very first spring you get it in the ground. The blooms are yellow and very, very fragrant, transforming any garden spot with their heady aroma. They are followed by fruit, which matures in late summer or early fall.

Once 'Jenny' begins fruiting, you can expect more than a decade of heavy production. This is a legacy vine, virtually maintenance-free once established in your garden. Give it a fence to thread through or an arbor to climb and let it fill the pantry, season after season!