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Starflower Jessie

Starflower Jessie

Fragrant in Both Flower and Leaf!

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Boasting the deepest, richest blue tones of the entire Ipheion family, this seedling of the classic variey 'Rolf Feidler' is a joy in the mid- to late spring garden, its cupped 6-petaled blooms glowing like jewels on the garden floor. Resistant to deer and other pests, long-blooming, and so easy to grow, it is an absolute necessity in the partly to fully shaded border.

Ipheion is related to Allium, and though the flowers have a sweet floral scent, the leaves retain the heady spice of the onion family. Jessie is easily the showiest member of the family, with broader, healthier foliage than others, in addition to its exceptionally vibrant blooms. The foliage will last until summer, then go dormant for several weeks, reappearing in the cooler weather of fall.

The blooms are exquisite on this little plant, which reaches just 4 to 6 inches high when not in bloom, and 9 to 12 inches high when topped by starry blue blooms. Deer and rabbits leave Jessie alone (that onion-scented foliage repulses them), and you may find that the flowers stay fresh and pretty for a full two months in the garden.

Native to South America, Jessie naturalizes readily. You will come to treasure its show in the spring bulb garden! Zones 5-9.