Delosperma Jewel of Desert Hardy Collection (pack of 6)

Delosperma Jewel of Desert Hardy Collection (pack of 6)

Bright Color for Hot, Dry Soils!

Pack of 6
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A miniature delight that every garden and patio deserves, Jewel of Desert is an amazing iceplant series that breaks new ground in bloom strength. Now you can get all 3 lovely colors in this series -- 6 plants in all! -- for one low price. What a value!

This variety includes 2 each of 'Garnet', 'Topaz', and 'Moonstone'. Here's more about each variety:

Garnet - Deep red to pink petals with white and yellow centers.

Topaz - PP#23,492. Bicolor dreamsicle blooms with orange outer edges and creamy white centers.

Moonstone - PP#23,491. Iridescent white petals with a merry yellow-to-golden center.

If you've never grown Jewel of Desert before, prepare to be amazed. This hardy iceplant bears little resemblance to that scrambling, scrappy groundcover found in public spaces out west! Boasting a refined, compact habit, it is everblooming -- it truly flowers continuously from spring until frost, instead of in waves as most plants do. There's nothing like it for sheer flower power!

And of course, hardy iceplant is much more than jewel-toned blooms. The succulent leaves hold water, making this perennial very drought tolerant. It loves sun and heat, making it ideal in a xeriscapic landscape, a rock garden, or plain old dry soil.

These plants are just 6 to 8 inches high and spread 8 to 10 inches wide, so you can use them in planters and baskets of all kinds. They make a great foreground planting in the foundation and shrub border, too! And of course they are the original street island choice!

These flowers are fully 2 inches wide, with long, slender petals around a button center. In this collection you get 2 plants each of deep red Garnet, orange-and-white Topaz, and iridescent white Moonstone!

Give these plants adequate water and food the first season to get them established. Once they find their feet, they are off and running! Enjoy this bloomfest for many seasons to come! Zones 4-8. 6 pack includes 6 3½" pots