Delosperma Jewel of Desert Garnet

Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert Garnet'

A Breeding Breakthrough!

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PP#23,471There has never been a hardy iceplant like the Jewel of Desert series, and Garnet is among its most beautiful members! This breeding breakthrough delivers bright blooms on groundhugging plants continuously from spring until frost. Not a rebloomer -- an everbloomer, and it's so easy to grow!

Exceptionally drought-tolerant, this sun-loving plant forms a dense mat of succulent foliage just a few inches high, and spreads 8 to 10 inches wide. In full bloom it's barely 4 to 6 inches off the ground, yet every inch is colorful and lush.

The 2-inch flowers are daisy-shaped and so bright, with petals that shade from deep red to pink surrounding white and yellow centers. Ideal for large plantings, accents, and containers, they are long-lasting and neon-bright in the sun-soaked garden.

Best of all, Garnet is just as tolerant of heat, humidity, and drought as traditional hardy iceplant. Pamper it the first year, then let it go -- it will thrive in the poorest conditions provided it has nonstop sun and good soil drainage. Let it spread down a slope or bank, anchoring the soil in place to prevent erosion. Design a mass planting in the baking-hot bed beside the driveway, where heat rises from the pavement all summer long. Or fill in those bare areas where the hose doesn't quite reach!

Jewel of Desert turns hardy iceplant from a groundcover primarily interesting for its succulent foliage into a bloom machine! Enjoy three seasons of color every year from this rough-and-tumble garden performer! Zones 4-8.

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The Jewel of The Desert is just that! But not red!
Libby Nance from SC wrote on May 04, 2017

Do not be fooled into believing it is red as a garnet is red. This is a hot pink. A deep hot pink. And it may be because I live in red clay dirt, but it arrived hot pink. It will grow no matter what you do to it and it is easy to pull it up or pick it back to get it out of the way. It truly only needs a spot on the ground to take off so throw the pieces you pull or break off in another hot dusty spot and watch it go! It blooms from early spring till way late fall and it is beautiful. Its just not red, so I gave it 4 stars because of that, but it is a 5 star plant.

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