Jewel Strawberry Plant

Jewel Strawberry Plant

The Best All-Around June Bearer!

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A terrific all-around strawberry, this June-bearer begins about 2 weeks after Earliglow and keeps the berries coming over a long season. Its large, firm, deliciously sweet fruit is excellent for fresh eating or canning and preserving, holding up well after picking.

The first thing you will notice about these berries is that they are particularly resistant to bruises and abrasions. They can take a bit of rough handling and still look attractive and healthy! Perfect for home gardeners, Jewel earns its name by sight as well as by taste!

Developed by Cornell University, Jewel was bred specifically for large fruit size, attractive appearance, and high quality eating. Who can ask for anything more from a strawberry, really?! It excels at all three, but its best feature is flavor! You will find it very productive and always delicious. Zones 4-8.