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Jiffy Hydro Starter Kit for Seedlings

Jiffy Hydro Starter Kit for Seedlings

Self watering - lasts up to five days!

Item # 27648
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The Jiffy Hydro Starter Kit is a great, reusable hydroponic starter kit designed for indoor use. This self watering kit has four extra large pots to allow up to four plants to be started. This starter kit is self-watering, keeping your plants hydrated for up to four days!It comes with four extra large Jimmy Peat Pellets, four plastic pots, one plastic insert that holds the pots, and one self watering tray.

Place the tray on a heat mat or under a grow light for germination according to seed packet instructions. Expand the peat pellets with warm water, we recommend three cups per pellet.

Follow these tips and the directions and you'll have seeds in no time. Start growing bigger, better, well rooted seeds today.