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Jiffystrips® Greenhouse with Thrive and Labels

Easy to use

Item # 96623
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This easy to use product makes seed starting easy and environmentally friendly. With SUPERthrive® you will get the highest level of performance from your plants. This highly effective vitamin solution works quickly to fortify your plants' root systems, increasing the rate of water absorption and giving your greenery a natural boost. SUPERThrive® works well on both edibles and ornamentals, increasing your fruit yields and maximizing the beauty of the flowers. Use it indoors on your live holiday plants and you'll notice the difference immediately. SUPERThrive® keeps your evergreens lush and lovely by decreasing the rate of needle drop.

This first-rate solution is used by professionals and has even been used on the Christmas Tree at the nation's capitol. SUPERThrive® is non-toxic, eco-friendly and a breeze to use. Just add a few drops per gallon of water used for hydrating your plants and then sit back and enjoy your new and improved garden.

As an added bonus, the white labeling strips will help you stay organized as your seeds are beginning to take off. Fill each peat pot with dirt and water thoroughly to moisten the walls of the pots. Plant seeds according to the directions and cover the tray with the clear lid. Place this seed starter in a sunny place and then transplant when they are ready to go. You can plant each pot in the ground and cover it with garden soil.