Jiffy Strip Greenhouse

Jiffy Strip Greenhouse

Clear plastic humidity cover keeps germinating seeds warm, and tray makes bottom-watering easy and mess-proof.

50-cell Greenhouse
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Start 50 seeds in these peat pots, which fit snugly (all joined at the top) into a plastic tray with a fitted clear plastic dome. When the seedlings are ready to transplant into the garden, just snip apart the pots and plant them -- pot and all! -- into the soil. Growing from seed doesn't get much simpler than that!

These pots are completely bio-degradable, with plants' roots growing out the sides and base over time. They each measure 1¾ inches high, and fit into a tray 22 inches long and 11 inches wide. Compact and lightweight, the Jiffy Strip Greenhouse can be refilled with new starter pots several times!

This space-saver works well with grow lights and heat mats, and its clear plastic cover provides some warmth and humidity as well. Bottom-watering the seedlings encourages the roots to grow downward instead of spiraling, and if the plants grow too large before transplant time, it's easy to divide the pots, keeping some in the Jiffy Strip Greenhouse while placing others in another tray. Versatile, economical, and easy! 11" wide x 22" long x approx 6" high (with clear top).