Joraform Composter

Joraform Composter

New Compost in Just 6 to 8 Weeks!

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Simply the easiest and most effective composter we have ever used (and as you can imagine, we've tried them all)! The Joraform Composters are from Sweden, and for your money they're the best way to turn your garden and kitchen refuse into rich soil. They save time, money, and so much labor! You're going to love them.

The secret seems to be that the dual tumbling chambers are so well insulated that the interior temperature rises above 160 degrees F and remains there, enabling matter to break down quickly. This also means that you can compost straight through winter, even in cold climates. (Thank you, Sweden!) The two chambers enable you to have a fresh batch in progress while the original one is composting, increasing your production and ensuring that you always have a place to "recycle" your organic refuse. And this size composter holds 2 to 4 gallons of raw material a week -- the perfect size for the average family with a garden.

The 33-gallon Joraform measures 36 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 33 inches high, and weighs 64 pounds. The exterior and the stand are made of galvanized steel, the fittings are stainless steel, and an insulating layer of polyethylene plastic more than 2 inches thick lines the interior of each chamber. This composter takes about an hour to assemble, following instructions included with the shipment and also available online.

The Joraform Composter handles the full range of compostable materials, including:

-all vegetables
-all fruits with peels, rinds, and pits
-all poultry and meats, with bones and skin
-coffee grounds with paper filters
-paper towels
-garden trimmings of all types.

You will use this composter for many years, helping the environment as you save money and time in your garden! Make this sensible investment today!