Jumbo Tomato Press

Jumbo Tomato Press

Puree Your Romas into Sauce, Juice, and Soup!

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Now you can turn those delicious fresh tomatoes from the garden into your own signature spaghetti sauce, bloody Marys, and tomato-basil soup! Just drop them into the chute of this tabletop press, crank the handle, and watch the puree tomato emerge into the tray below!

Great for harvesting roma (sauce) tomatoes, this hand-operated press adheres securely to any counter or tabletop via suction cups on the base. The handle turns easily, and a pestle is included to efficiently feed the tomatoes into the strainer.

The strainer is stainless steel and very durable, designed for years of hard use. It cleans easily -- the entire press comes apart to clean quickly and easily -- and creates a fine puree of tomato essence for the waiting tray below. Everything is included with this press!

You will love the smell of fresh tomatoes being pressed in your kitchen, not to mention the labor-saving effectiveness of this nifty little gadget. Now you can go from garden to table in no time without wasting a bit of your yummy tomatoes!

The Jumbo Tomato Press is designed for big harvests, holding a good armload of tomatoes. The hopper capacity is 2.25 quarts, the tray capacity 1.25 quarts. This press stands 12 inches high and wide, handle included.