Jute Vegetable Sack

Jute Vegetable Sack

Keep Your Root Crop Fresh for Months!

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If you've got an empty foot or so of space in the kitchen or pantry, you can store your root crops efficiently and safely! This all-natural, 100% biodegradable jute sack is both strong and breathable, so it lets air circulate among the veggies with no condensation or moisture build-up. Don't rush to eat the harvest -- with this sack, you've got all winter!

Made in England by a time-honored and respected garden supply firm, this sack measures 27.6 inches high and nearly 16 inches wide. There is plenty of room for all those root veggies, yet the sack isn't so immense that it can't be easily picked up and moved. The fun root crop graphics on the outside are composed of all-natural vegetable dyes (what else?!), and the sack itself is completely biodegradable. It will last for several seasons, but when you're finally done with it, toss it on the compost heap and let it help you grow your garden.

The Jute Vegetable Sack works because of the breathability of the fabric, which admits air but not the light that can cause vegetables to age or rot. With this sack, you don't have any of the issues with condensation and moisture that plastic bags can create. Tough woven fabric easily holds even your big heavy rutabagas without tearing, and it's easy to find a place to put the sack because it looks so charming. Form and function -- the jute sack has them both!