Katz Pink Stock Seeds

Katz Pink Stock Seeds

Rich Fragrance, Old-fashioned Beauty!

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Welcome back an old favorite that is not seen nearly often enough in today's gardens: fragrant, colorful, cool-season Stocks! The Katz series is a glorious addition to any annual bed, blooming very early and continuing even when the weather warms up.

Ideal for cutting as well as garden use, this plant offers primarily double-flowered stems simply packed with petals that release a sweet fragrance. Expect the blooms to begin in mid-spring in most climates, cease in summer, and return for a fall encore. In warm climates, they may go from fall straight through winter and into spring again!

Katz offers better uniformity across all colors than older series, not to mention improved heat tolerance. Named for a former plantsman at Ball Seed, it is the first to flower and one of the most beautiful, reaching 24 to 32 inches high in full bloom. Best in full sun everywhere but hot climates (where it appreciates dappled sunlight or a bit of afternoon shade), Katz Pink offers softly colored blossoms you will treasure in indoor arrangements.

Sow the seeds at 68 to 72 degrees F, covering them lightly in seed flats or simply dropping one seed in each bio sponge of the Bio Dome. Germination takes just a few days, and is best at high humidity, so cover the seed flat with plastic until the sprouts appear, or keep the vents closed on the Bio Dome. Grow on slightly colder -- 60 to 70 degrees F days and 55 to 65 degree F nights are ideal. Transplant when the seedlings have at least two sets of true leaves and all danger of frost is past in the garden. Packet is 25 seeds.

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