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Clematis Kilian Donahue

Clematis 'Kilian Donahue'

Color Changes as the Season Progresses!

The blooms on this beautiful Clematis undergo so many changes that you may think you have several plants intertwined instead of just one! At any given time you may see new flowers of ruby-red, intermediate blooms of fuschia-pink with a soft purple edge, AND mature flowers of lavender with a large pink stripe!

'Kilian Donahue' is a splendid Group II variety with 5-inch blooms all summer long. A compact variety reaching just 8 to 10 feet high, this perennial climber is ideal for containers, where you can enjoy all those color changes up close, as well as the garden. The traditional companion to roses, Clematis will climb and twine through any open-habit shrub as well as through fences, up trellises and arbors, and across garden structures. So beautiful!

If you're new to growing Clematis, welcome to the Queen of the Climbers! These woody plants like their roots cool but their tops -- the above-ground growth -- warm. So mulch them in well at planting time and refresh the mulch regularly. Give them well-worked, enriched soil, for these are vines that will live for decades if well cared-for. Zones 4-9.