Kilner 10-piece Canning Starter Kit

Kilner 10-piece Canning Starter Kit

Everything You Need to Start Preserving the Harvest!

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When you're ready to start putting up the harvest, this complete canning kit from the trusted name of Kilner is just what you need! For a very low price, you get everything you need for your first harvest. Whether it's pickles or jam, green beans or chutney, rely on Kilner for all your canning needs!

Why do we endorse this old British firm? They've been making canning and preserving equipment since Victorian days, and are simply masters of the art. Their workmanship is impeccable, their equipment durable, easy to use, and very long-lasting. These are the tools you'll pass down to your grandchildren after countless seasons in the kitchen.

Whether you're a seasoned pro at canning or are just bringing in the first fruit and veggies from your new home garden, you will feel right at home with this starter kit. Canning your homegrown food is the best way to extend the harvest right through winter, and it makes the most of all those delicious edibles you've been growing. Join the home-food movement and have a ball preserving and storing your own fruits and vegetables!