Narcissus King Alfred Improved

Narcissus King Alfred Improved

Pack of 20 bulbs!

Pack of 20
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All hail the king! The world's best-loved daffodil since its introduction in 1899, King Alfred is a trumpet type with big, sunny yellow blooms and an unstoppably vigorous nature. What a splendid way to greet spring every year!

These flowers reach 4 inches wide, with trumpets at least as long as the perianth (outer petals) that surround them! They open in early spring, among the first of the daffodils to join the crocus, snowdrops, and glory-of-the-snow in the garden. Just 16 to 18 inches high, these dark green stems sport huge blooms that refuse to topple, even when rough winds and rainstorms arise.

King Alfred Improved is a descendant of the original King Alfred introduced by British breeder John Kendall during the reign of Queen Victoria. Today's modern version is still grown in Holland, but is somewhat shorter than the original, with slightly larger blooms and more of them. You may find that you have two flowering stems instead of one, beginning the very first year! And King Alfred is happy to naturalize in your sunny, well-drained garden soil.

Daffodils are beloved for their ease of culture and readiness to multiply as well as for their breathtaking beauty. Rabbits, deer, and other nibbling creatures leave these poisonous bulbs alone, so they can colonize over time into glorious drifts of color. And here at Park Seed, you will find only top-quality, fresh, healthy bulbs, ready to establish in your garden or containers. Rely on us for providing you with the very best in long-lasting spring color! Zones 3-8. Pack of 20.