Creamsicle Red Hot Poker

Creamsicle Red Hot Poker

Luscious Multicolored Blooms that Often Repeat!

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How these brightly colored and unusually shaped blooms will stand out! Easy to grow and relatively low maintenance, Creamsicle is a long-lived bulb offering weeks of summer flowers plus evergreen foliage. Best of all, these blooms often repeat!

Perfect for perennial containers or sunny, dry areas in the garden, this easy-care perennial features light- to mid-green foliage beneath spikes of bottlebrush shaped blooms that are wonderful or cut-flower arrangements. Each bloom shades from deep yellow at the base through apricot and finally orange at the tip. They also boast impeccable drought tolerance and will attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies.

Expect the flowers to last for several weeks, usually from midsummer into late summer. Cut the first blooms as soon as you like, encouraging the plant to rebloom. Just as many early-summer bloomers are looking a little ragged, this Red Hot Poker bursts onto the scene with weeks of refreshing new hues!

Tolerant of extreme heat as well as dry conditions, Creamsicle needs no protective shade, making it a good choice for street islands and other exposed plantings. Nibbling creatures from deer to rabbits and rodents leave it alone. Very low maintenance, it belongs in your garden and perennial containers this season and for countless summers to come! Zones 6-8.