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Kwik Grow Heat Mat


Keep Soil Temperature Perfect!

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Perfect beneath your Bio Dome or a row of potted houseplants, the Kwik Grow Heat Mat keeps the soil temperature at just the right level of warmth all winter long, helping seeds to start faster and grow healthier. For plants overwintering in your home, as well as tender perennials and tropicals grown indoors, it keeps the temperature ideal so that they continue to thrive even in a very cool house. Now you can apply heat just where you need it, instead of trying to warm the whole room!

Kwik Grow applies gentle bottom warmth to your Bio Dome, seed trays, and potted plants. Radiant root zone heating is the best for maintaining uniform warmth no matter what icy drafts fill the room! Just plug in the cord (it's a standard 120-volt) and 24 watts of even, uniform heat is released through sealed connection points.

Most importantly, Kwik Grow features ground fault trip protection for safety. This is a truly maintenance-free system: plug it in, set your seeds or plants in their containers on top of it, and you're done until spring!

And don't worry about Kwik Grow Heat Mat damaging the surface on which it is placed in any way. It never gets warm enough to present a burn hazard or damage paint or finish.

If you are using the heat mat in a low-light area or simply want to germinate and grow on your seeds under optimal conditions, consider using a plant light, too. Coupled with the heat mat, it's the perfect way to grow big, healthy seedlings and overwinter all your tropicals and tender perennials indoors! The heat mat also accommodates a thermostat such as the one pictured here.

Kwik Grow is available in the sizes shown at right.


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