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La Park Floribunda Rose

La Park Floribunda Rose

Celebrate Our 150th with Rare Fragrance and Soft Colors!

The original headquarters of Park Seed Company, back in the 19th Century, was in Paradise, Pennsylvania. A small town with a railroad stop that would eventually be unequal to the task of shipping thousands of plants and seeds from Park Seed every day, Paradise came to be known as La Park, Pennsylvania. It was a little industry unto itself, employing many of the residents in a family-friendly, down-home business that was as popular as it was enjoyable to work at.

In honor of Park Seed Company's roots in La Park, we asked our friends at Jackson & Perkins (one of Park's sister companies) to introduce a floribunda rose named after the town! As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, what better way to honor our beginnings than with a rose that combines the best of old and new in glorious double-flowered blooms?

The La Park Floribunda Rose is an upright, well-branched rose bush that boasts unmatched color in its beautiful blooms. These 4-inch blooms are a swirl of primrose, apricot, peach, pink, and blush pink tones. No two flowers will be just alike, and all will be beautiful.

The flowers sport a strong scent known in the rose industry as spinosissima. For heritage rose lovers, you may recognize it as being very close to Old Scot Briar Rose—a sweet, spicy, rich aroma reminiscent of grandmother's rose garden. Very unusual, it is unforgettable once sniffed, and you will love introducing friends to this new fragrance in the garden.

La Park reaches 3 to 4 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide, with a dense, well-branched, upright habit that sets many flowering stems. Like all floribundas, it sets its blooms in big clusters, so a single snip brings you a bouquet of blooms.

The flowers are banked by deep green, very glossy foliage that keeps its good looks all season. This is truly a landscape rose, ready to settle right into your sunny garden among other perennials and shrubs. No special sprays or treatment needed; La Park is one of the hardy plants you will treasure most and worry about least.