Lantana Summer Popsicle

Lantana Summer Popsicle

Fresh Citrus Fragrance and Bold Splashes of Color!

4-inch Pot
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The name says it all! The vibrant colors and fresh citrus scent of this gorgeous cascading Lantana may carry you back to carefree summers of childhood, when your most pressing concern was which flavor of popsicle your quarter would purchase at the curb store! And "carefree" is a key element of this plant -- no annual is more long-blooming nor easier to grow for nonstop blooms all summer and into fall!

Summer Popsicle sports flowers of brightest yellow, orange, and red, shaped like tiny nosegays and very freely borne all over the plant. What's more, the bloom colors actually change as they mature, so that today's solid red blossom may be tomorrow's bicolor yellow-and-rose!

This is a trailing Lantana, splendid for containers of all types and also happy to sprawl in the garden. Famously easy, it thrives contentedly in any blazingly sunny, well-drained spot. The blooms begin as soon as the summer weather arrives, and just won't quit -- even in the hottest August afternoons, when most everything else in the garden looks a bit limp.

Rediscover the guiltless pleasure of lazy summer days with this gorgeous, no-fuss annual plant!