Crocus Large-Flowered Economy Mix

Crocus Large-Flowered Economy Mix

Eager to naturalize and bursting with flower power!

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Crocus are known as the harbingers of spring, peeking out from snowy gardens everywhere to offer the first hint of a spring thaw! With this premium mix of colors and forms, you get all the finest Giant Dutch Crocus for an amazingly low price!

Even before the snow has melted, you'll see the first of these 2- to 4-inch cup-shaped flowers nestling just above ground level. Flanked by grassy bright green foliage, Crocus last for many weeks, offering a merry mix of white, yellow, blue, purple, and violet. So colorful, so unexpected!

Crocus naturalizes readily where it is happy, so the planting you may this season will likely increase into larger and larger colonies over time. All this bulb asks is well-drained, reasonably fertile soil in full sunshine to light or dappled shade. Simple!

Most of the varieties in this mix will reach 3 to 5 inches high in bloom, and spread just 2 to 4 inches wide (the width of their blooms and no more!). Nestle them around trees, circling the base of the mailbox, along the edge of the foundation, and on garden paths. You can never have too many Crocus! Zones 3-8. (Pack of 10)