Lavandula Anouk Tree

Lavandula 'Anouk' Tree

Stunning silver foliage!

6-inch Deep Tree Pot
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This 'Anouk' Tree is a unique, new lavender with beautiful silver foliage and dark violet flowers topped by lavender petal-like bracts. This is a heavy spring bloomer that is drought tolerant and will stand up to even the hottest summers. The new Lavender was discovered and selected on a single plant within a population of 'Anouk' plants in a controlled outdoor nursery in The Netherlands in June, 2006. It is characterized by its compact and upright plant habit, good garden performance, unique silver foliage, and freely flowering habit with large dark violet-colored flowers. This lavender is not only stunning, but it is durable and disease resistant so no need to fret over it. Our 'Anouk' tree is a perfect landscape accent as it keeps its stunning color all year long.