Lavandula Sweet Romance®

Rich blooms paired with heady fragrance

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Prepare to fall in love with the fragrant wonder of Sweet Romance® lavender. Fantastic pollinator magnet.

Beginning in early summer and lasting well through autumn fiercely blue blooms open atop single highly snippable stems attracting the attention of bees, butterflies and humans alike. Unlike many other flowering plants, the foliage and flowers of lavender fill the landscape with sweet, heady scent that is as memorable as it is irresistible.

Like most lavender Sweet Romance® loves the sun and thrives in hot, dry conditions. It actually prefers poorer quality soils and is quite low maintenance making this a great choice for novice gardeners. Growing barely over a foot tall and wide, this petite beauty is a powerful force of loveliness and will delight you for countless seasons. They are wonderful cut flowers and are especially popular as dried flowers as well.