LED Glass Solar Table Lights (Set of 2)

LED Glass Solar Table Lights (Set of 2)

Enjoy the Evening Garden with Soft Lighting!

4 Warm White
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Light up the night with a warm and welcoming ambiance! These solar-powered lights will charge in the sunlight all day, then glow for 5 hours or more after the sun goes down. Perfect for dinner parties on the deck and a quiet drink in the garden!

Just 4 inches high and wide, these elegant cut-glass lights refract beams in all directions, offering a pleasing glow for any outdoor setting. Use them as a pair on your patio table, or cast them as spotlights in key garden areas. They will not emit a bright, radiant light, but rather a soft glow that really adds atmosphere to the evening garden.

Far better than candles or exclusively battery-driven lights, these will last for many seasons and offer a touch of beauty that never needs maintenance! Includes 1AAA 200 mAh battery.