Lets Dance® Diva Hydrangea

Let's Dance® Diva Hydrangea

Giant Blooms on a Container Shrub!

Big and bold, pink or blue, the showy splendor of this uninhibited Hydrangea will grab everyone's attention! Giving colorful life to your garden parties, Diva sets a festive mood with softly colored pastel flowers held in lacecap clusters larger than dinner plates!

Repeat-blooming all summer long, this ultra-compact shrub will set florets of either pink or blue, depending on the pH of your soil. The center of each 10- to 12-inch cluster offers the brightest color, softening to a pale cast around the edges. This contrast adds depth to the display, giving the lacecaps a bit of texture and architecture as well as magnificent color.

Best in moist to slightly damp soil (its name doesn't begin with "Hydra" for nothing!), this shrub reaches just 2 to 3 feet high and wide at maturity. That's a perfect size for patio containers, the front of the border, the foundation planting, and more. And because the flower clusters are so enormous, this plant looks even more petite than it really is, beneath its canopy of blooms!

For best branching and more flowers, pinch the growing tips of this shrub several times during the spring season the first year or two. If you must prune the plant, do so directly afte it blooms, so that it can set new buds for next year's blooms before the fall frost arrives.

An outstanding choice for garden or container, Diva also makes a lovely cutflower, fresh or dried. It is very longlasting, and its huge size and soft color look lovely in indoor arrangements. A single bloom is its own bouquet!

Diva is banked with bright green, toothy foliage that keeps it looking its best from spring through fall. Because it blooms on both old and new wood, late spring frosts will only harm the first crop of flowers each season. There will be plenty more where those came from! Diva is a spectacular rebloomer, in the tradition of the popular Let's Dance® series. Find many places of honor for this terrific lacecap in your landscape today! Zones 5-9.