Lettuce Seeds

Great for beginner gardeners

Lettuce is not only one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden, but it is also one of the first to be harvested in the spring. There is nothing better than that first fresh salad after a long winter without. There are so many lettuce seeds available. There are loose-leaf lettuces that continues to grow back after you cut it, but there are also head lettuces that require you to replant your romaine lettuce seeds, iceberg lettuce seeds or butter leaf lettuce seeds each season. We also have lettuce seed strips available to make planting even easier.

For an earlier harvest, start lettuce indoors as it won’t mind being transplanted. Lettuce loves cool weather, so just plant directly in the garden early in spring and don't pick until the heat of summer. Then, plant a second crop in late summer and harvest through the cool Fall. Those of you who live in the South will be able to enjoy fresh lettuce throughout the entire winter.

Note: When starting lettuce from seed tape, do not cover the seeds, as light aids germination. Instead, place them on the surface of your soil-starting medium.