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Leafscape™ Little Flames Leucothoe

Leafscape™ Little Flames Leucothoe

Brilliant Fall-to-Spring Foliage

Little Flames, where have you been all our lives? With its fiery leaves that last from early fall right through to spring in mild and warm climates, this evergreen shrub would be standout even if it didn't also offer fragrant spring blooms! And then there's its compact habit, great for patio tubs and driveway pots. And did we mention that it's an American native, naturally disease- and pest-resistant?

Little Flames is part of the Leafscape™ series, and one glance shows you that it's going to be the standout in any setting, from the patio to the shade border to the front porch! This shrub offers spring and summer foliage of a glossy, pleasing olive-green, but once the cold weather of autumn arrives, it turns fire-engine red and stays that way, all the way from the stems through the tips of the leaves. Upright and pointed, it always looks fresh and . . . fiery!

Just about 20 inches high and a foot wide, this naturally bushy, well-branched little shrub looks as though you carefully pruned and shaped it, but in truth it needs no shearing at all to maintain its natural symmetry. The heather-like white blooms in late spring last for several weeks, perfuming the surroundings, but it's really the foliage that it Little Flames's big draw. Simply irresistible!

Site this shrub in full sun only in cooler climates, offering dappled sunlight or partial shade everywhere else. Give it well-drained soil and keep it watered. Then sit back, get the camera ready, and admire!