Tulip Lightning Sun

Tulip Lightning Sun

Brilliant 6-inch Blooms!

Pack of 10
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Dazzling blooms fully 6 inches wide open in shades of pinkish apricot, then mature to rich orange on this splendid Darwin Hybrid! A magnificent choice for the midseason garden, Lightning Sun keeps its colors even in unseasonable heat, makes an excellent cut-flower, and combines with other colors beautifully in border and container.

Very weather-resistant, Lightning Sun stands up to winds and rains nicely on thick 18- to 24-inch stems. It bunces back from rough conditions, lasting a long time without loss of color or form. This is a super-tough tulip, ready for your most challenging garden settings!

And don't forget to plant a few extra Lightning Sun bulbs to enjoy the huge blooms in the vase. A single stem makes the focal point of any bouquet, and a cluster of Lightning Suns is just an embarrassment of riches!

Darwin Hybrid Tulips combine huge flower size with perfect form, tall stems, and reliable, vigorous performance year after year. Spectacularly colorful and generously sized, Darwin Hybrids are standouts in the midseason garden, blooming well and returning reliably in almost every climate.

Like other Darwin Hybrids, Lightning Sun thrives in sunny spots, and is not picky about soil type so long as the drainage is good. Compacted or heavy clay soils tend to hold standing water, so amend these with grit, compost, or soil conditioner. Tulips are adapted to serious winters: these cold-hardy bulbs actually thrive best when they get plenty of chill hours, so in warmer climates, plant the bulbs a little more deeply and in sandier, looser soil. Water the bulbs in after planting, to help them break out of dormancy, but afterwards don't worry about watering; tulips thrive happily in dry conditions! Zones 3-7. Pack of 10.