Lightweight Big Herb Eco-Planter

Lightweight Big Herb Eco-Planter

Your Portable Herb Garden Awaits!

11" x 12 Brown
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Grow the whole herb garden in a space the size of a backpack with the Lightweight Big Herb Eco-Planter! Made of 100% recycled materials, portable and versatile, this flexible planter goes where you need it to all season long, then washes clean and folds flat for storage! Of course, it's so handy that you may find yourself skipping that whole "storage" step.

Standing 11 inches high and opening 12 inches in diameter, this ultra-durable cloth bag includes sewn-in handles and 6 side pockets, just right for half a dozen herbs, annuals, strawberry plants, or more. The main planting area is wide and deep, and the entire Eco-Planter holds 5 gallons of soil. There's enough room in here to grow a whole garden -- and move it around at will, following the sun or the available space!

The fabric construction is perfect for promoting air circulation around plant roots, and the flexible material permits you to squeeze this planter into odd and tight spots, then pick it up by its ultra-strong handles and move it as you like. It's double-layered for extra toughness, and of course it hoses clean in minutes and air dries. So simple, so strong!