Lightweight Potato Eco-Planter

Lightweight Potato Eco-Planter

Grow a Crop of Taters on the Deck!

9 gallon Beige
Item # 39711
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Here's an idea you're going to love: a big, economical bag that lets you grow a crop of potatoes on the porch, deck, or balcony! Our Lightweight Potato Eco-Planter is such a space-saver that you'll find yourself re-purposing it when the potatoes are harvested for other crops you thought you'd never have the room to grow!

This woven polyethylene bag is 17¾ inches high and 13¾ inches in diameter, with reinforced handles to make moving it a snap. Just fill it with 9 gallons of soil or potting mix; the drainage holes at the base keep the soil from becoming too wet, while the generous side flaps let you harvest "underground" when the crops mature!

That's all there is to it: plenty of vertical space to grow a good crop of your favorite spuds. This bag is also useful for onions, carrots, beets, and other root crops, as well as flowers and other veggies. And when the season's over, it washes clean with the hose and stores flat for next year!