Daphne genkwa

Daphne genkwa

The Blooms Appear Before the Foliage in Spring!

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Long, beautiful lavender-blue flower wands arise on this compact shrub in mid- to late spring, beginning before the new foliage appears. Radiantly beautiful and splendid for cutting, the blooms are a breathtaking sight in the border or along the foundation. Give Daphne genkwa a try this season, and see what the Lilac Daphne (from the group bred by Don Hackenberry) can do for your garden.

Discovered in its native China by the great Victorian plant hunter Charles Maries, Daphne genkwa is a naturally compact, very free-flowering deciduous shrub. It reaches just 3 feet high and wide, with a symmetrical, rounded shape and excellent branching. In addition to the showy flowers, the 3-inch leaves are handsome, particularly when they first open in spring with a silky texture that is quite eye-catching.

This shrub is content in full sun to light shade, and appreciates warm summer climates. It needs good drainage, but is otherwise easy to grow. Lilac Daphne is a rare treat, and one you will adore in your garden. Zones 5-7.