Centerfold Asiatic Lily

Centerfold Asiatic Lily

Your New Favorite Lily!

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Add this large-flowered, ultra-fragrant Asiatic Lily to the summer-blooming sun garden today! Centerfold opens its pale green buds to reveal dazzling white to maroon trumpet-like blooms with delightful wine freckles dappling each silky petal. The flowers are thick and waxy, lasting a long time even in punishing summer sun. And they make splendid cuts for the vase, of course!

Expect blooms up to 6 inches wide from this showoff! Centerfold is sweetly fragrant as well, perfuming garden or room. And it's compact enough for large containers!

This carefree, low-maintenance plant flourishes in full sunlight but is quite capable of tolerating dappled shade. Give it nutrient-rich soil, and for best effect, plant more than one together. Easy and so beautiful!