Lilium Asiatic Trogon

Lilium Asiatic Trogon

Pink, yellow and orange create a stunning display!

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The extravagant pink to apricot blooms of this breathtaking Asiatic lily are deceptively easy to grow and beloved by pollinators and gardeners alike. The bright pink petals are contrasted by yellow and white centers freckled with magenta. The sweet nectar will keep the hummingbirds and butterflies flocking to your garden all season long, breathing new life into your outdoor space!

They look great lining a walkway and these lilies also make great flowers for cut arrangements, bringing their beauty into your home! Extremely hardy, these blooms will last in colder areas, and will also tolerate the heat! These easy to care for flowers prefer full sun and moist well drained soil to thrive. This lily is a drink of pink lemonade to quench the summer garden and will breathe new life anywhere you choose to plant it.