Must See® Asiatic Lily - pack of 3

Must See® Asiatic Lily - pack of 3

Incredible Color Changes on Every Blooms!

Pack of 3
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The name says it all -- you simply won't believe these blooms undergo such rapid and amazing color changes until you see them for yourself! Must See® is a double Asiatic lily that sets clusters of large, beautifully recurved (curled-back petals) blooms all summer long. It's pollen-free, very free-flowering, and a magnet for butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds. And no two blooms are just alike!

These slender-petaled, elegant blooms open lime-green to white, already sporting their tiny maroon freckles. As they soak up the sunshine, they rapidly turn pale yellow, then darken to a rich mango hue of orange. Magnificent! A fully blooming plant has all colors present at once, for an unbelievable display of color. Pick a flower-laden stem and it's as if you have a ready-made mix -- and because they are pollen-free, the blooms will not drop messy pollen onto your tabletops or cause guests to sneeze!

Must See® reaches 36 to 40 inches high and about 18 inches wide at full maturity, but can be kept smaller in containers, if desired. Like all lilies, in the garden it will continue to grow in size, flower number, and beauty with each passing year. It blooms all summer, most heavily at the beginning but often continuing for many weeks. A great companion to Roses, Must See® is a show all in itself!

Give this bulb well-drained soil receiving full sunshine in the north, light shade farther south and southwest. It likes enriched soil, but cannot abide heavy, waterlogged sites (the bulb will rot), so make sure the drainage is good. Must See® loves cold winters, and will return bigger and better each spring. Must See® is a Must Have! To ensure the continued life of these bulbs in cooler zones (3-7) dig up the bulbs and store them through winter then replant them the following spring. Zones 3-9. Pack of 3 bulbs.