Sorocaba® Asiatic Lily

Sorocaba® Asiatic Lily

Upturned Blooms on Super-compact Plant!

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At last, a lily compact enough to grow year-round in a flowerpot or tub! Sorocaba® is a pot lily with plenty of upturned, bright pink blooms. You will love it in any sunny setting!

Presenting soft pink flowers with white centers, this plant is an excellent choice for extending the spring season into summer. Each upward facing flower is large and unignorable especially when compared to its relatively compact growing habit. The stalks are stiff, robust and great for cutting. Asiatic lilies are generally fun and exotic additions to cut flower arrangements and this one is no exception. Ideally, these lilies prefer full sunlight but do well when their roots are kept cool in the shade. We suggest planting smaller plants or groundcovers around the base of the lilies to keep the soil cooler in these areas. Your lilies will thank you!

Use just one bulb per quart pot or smaller, and 3 for gallon size. Each plant will bear about half a dozen blooms, improving in bloom size and bud count with each passing year.

Sorocaba® can overwinter in a frost-free garage or in the garden itself. It blooms in summer, and is very low maintenance. Add lilies to your combo plantings and mixed containers for an unbelievable pop of bold color!